Top 10 Best Youth Baseball Glove

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Due to the increasing trend of baseball matches in schools, every boy and girl dreams of being an amazing baseball player. If your kids are also looking to participate in an upcoming youth baseball league, gear up as participation in such activities boosts confidence and keeps your children active. When it comes to baseball, your kids need the best youth baseball glove.

In the presence of several brands, you might be confused about picking up the durable one. Obviously, you need to be very cautious while choosing gloves for soft hands. But there is much more than softness to look for in a baseball glove. Whenever you buy the best youth baseball gloves 2021, make sure that they are durable, soft, and shock-absorber.

Are you struggling to find the best youth baseball gloves? Well, don’t worry, as we have arranged the list of top-pick baseball gloves for adults and high school kids. It’s because we have chosen some well-constructed, high-quality, soft, shock-absorbing baseball gloves for you. Along with the durability and protection, all these gloves are decently priced. Explore the enlisted best youth baseball glove for your adults to take their baseball skills and game to the next level.

Top 10 Best Youth Baseball Glove

1- Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove

Key Features

  • Weights around nine ounces
  • It comes 100% broken-in from the factory that makes it game-ready.
  • Features unique accents and attractive design.
  • It is made out of flannel and synthetic leather lining.

rawlings players series youth t ball glove

If you are looking for top-rated youth baseball gloves, the Rawlings players series has something great to offer something extraordinary. It is one of the best choices for the young players that have just started playing the game or are in the beginner’s phase.

With their unique build, these gloves are not just perfect in the game but ensure that you serve some style statement as well. The various bright and attractive accents and signature Rawlings script make these gloves visually appealing. Therefore, their unique design intrigues and excites many of the young players.

Along with an attractive visual appearance, these gloves also feature soft lining made out of synthetic leather that makes them comfortable. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best youth baseball gloves for small hands, around nine to eleven inches. Moreover, it also possesses a flexible basket web and a softshell that ensures convenient closing and effective control. With a neo-flex conventional back and a velcro strap, this glove is the ideal choice. The velcro strap provides a customized fit to the young hands providing them ultimate comfort during the game, whether catching or throwing.

  • Comfortable and attractive
  • Ideal size with a customized fit
  • Soft material and durable

  • Stiff in the palm, might require some adjustment
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2- Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove

Key Feature

  • It weighs around twelve ounces.
  • Because the soft material is relatively easy to break in, making it ready to use.
  • It features a contour system allowing you to customize the thumb fit.
  • It comes in various bright colors.

franklin sports baseball and softball glove

While browsing through the best youth baseball gloves 2021, you might surely come across the Franklin sports baseball and softball gloves. This glove is a viable option with its optimum construction and prominent features. So, it might prove the best option for the young athletes with small hands that are learning the game yet.

It is made out of soft synthetic leather that is not just lightweight but also comfortable and durable. The premium, thick quality synthetic leather used for the construction is proof of the high durability or the long life of these youth outfield gloves. Also, these Franklin sports baseball and softball gloves come in various bright and attractive colors that intrigue and excite the young athletes.

These gloves are made out of soft synthetic leather, it is very convenient to break in, and they get game-ready quickly. These gloves are among the best baseball gloves for ten years old with their ideal twelve inches size. One of the most prominent features of these gloves is their adjustable wrist strap and contour fit system. The contour fit system features a customizable thumb feature that provides comfort and efficient grip. This thumb can be adjusted according to the requirements of different players to ensure that they are comfortable while playing. To add to the comfort, the handy pocket on the back provides a responsive feel.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Customizable fit
  • Durable construction
  • Poor breathing ability
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3- Rawlings Heart of The Hide Dual Core Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Key Features

  • This glove is around 12.5 inches in size.
  • It is made out of soft synthetic material, making them comfortable.
  • These gloves are 80% broken-in in the factory, while the player does 20% breaking-in.
  • This glove is available for both right-handed and left-handed people.

rawlings heart of the hide dual core youth fastpitch softball glove series

This youth fastpitch glove series features gloves for passionate young female athletes. Undoubtedly, these gloves are one of the best youth baseball gloves on amazon that are intricately designed and built especially for the soft hands of the girls. For the beginners or the in-field young players, these Rawlings heart of the hide dual core youth fastpitch glove series offers the best quality product. The whole glove and its patterns are tailored explicitly to fit ideally on the hands of female players. They offer various unique and optimum features that make these gloves one of the best baseball gloves for youth.

Some of the most prominent features of this glove series include palm padding, hand openings, and finger stalls. With these features, these gloves are the perfect fit for the female players providing utmost comfort and grip. Moreover, it features a double-laced basket web, leather palm lining, padded thumb loops, and Tennessee tanning rawhide leather laces. All these features make these youth baseball mitts ideal for legendary female players. In addition to all these optimum features, this glove series also possesses a conventional back and a non-slip pull strap back, making it viable. These gloves are specifically designed and built for female players, and all the small details are kept in mind to make them the best possible product.

  • Ideally designed and detailed for female players
  • Soft and flexible
  • Provides comfortable grip
  • 20% breaking-in is required
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4- Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Glove Series

Key Features

  • This baseball glove is around 11 inches in size.
  • It comes with 90% factory break-in, while the remaining 10% is to be done by the players.
  • It is made out of soft leather.
  • This glove is ideal for kids with steady growing hands.

rawlings sure catch youth baseball glove series

If you are looking for the best baseball glove for ten years old or the best baseball glove for eleven years old, this Rawlings sure catch youth baseball glove series is a viable option. This baseball glove is designed for young players aged four to ten and built according to their tiny hands. These gloves are perfect for young kids who have just started to learn baseball or tee-ball. Therefore, this will make an excellent gift for your kid if they have currently developed an interest in this game. This is one of the best options you might get while browsing through the market with its outstanding features.

Being the best-rated baseball youth baseball glove, this product possesses certain enhanced features, including a lightweight all-leather shell along with padded finger linings. This optimum construction ensures that the gloves are not only comfortable but also durable. Such materials make up a soft and flexible product with a good lifespan. This build ensures optimal balance, shape retention, added quickness, and enhanced comfort for young athletes. The gloves are made with the sure catch technology; they enable the players to close the glove and achieve the skills quickly. This factor adds to the confidence of the young players and makes them consistent to learn the game.

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Built with sure catch technology
  • Provides balance and features shape retention
  • Requires a little breaking-in
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5- Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series

Key Features

  • This baseball glove is around 10-inches in size.
  • It is available in black tartan flex web color.
  • The glove is made out of very durable and soft material.
  • It features a para shock palm pad.

mizuno prospect powerclose youth baseball glove series

The Mizuno prospect power relative youth baseball glove series features some of the most delicate little league gloves with their ideal built and excellent performance. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most durable baseball gloves found in the market as it is made out of full-grain pigskin leather. Moreover, the butter-soft palm liner provides the softest and finest touch with a comfortable feel and increases the glove’s lifespan. Therefore, if you wonder what the best glove brand for youth baseball is, you should go through this one due to its high durability. Its optimum construction and features make it perfect for young baseball and Tball learners.

This baseball glove series possesses many enhanced features that stand out from the other gloves available in the market. One of the most prominent and improved features of this glove series is the Mzo lining. As the glove is lined with Mzo, it makes sure that the sweat is dispersed away from the skin, providing a comfortable grip to young players. Moreover, these are the best shock-absorbing baseball gloves for youth that feature air mesh technology. Air mesh technology not only improves the breathability of the gloves but also enhances their flexibility.

  • It is made out of full-grain pigskin leather.
  • Very soft and comfortable on the inside
  • Shock absorbent and breathable

  • Misleading description about the orientation of the glove
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6- Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web/Shok-Sorb Combo Series Fielding Glove

Key Features

  • It is around 10.5 inches in size.
  • The primary material of these gloves is plastic.
  • It possesses a mesh shell making it flexible and breathable.
  • It is shock absorbent.

franklin sports teeball infinite web shok sorb combo series fielding glove

This youth outfielder glove is excellent for young baseball and tee-ball learners with optimum construction and high-performance features. It is highly functional and lightweight, making it convenient to carry around, and doesn’t feel like a lot of weight while playing. This feature makes it ideal for young players. Moreover, it is available in two colors, graphite and blue, which provide a choice for the kids. Whether you want to give it to someone or buy it for your little passionate baseball learner, this glove is one of the best options in any case.

In addition to the highly functional feature, this Franklin sports glove series possesses a superior construction featuring enhanced factors. The palm is made of synthetic leather featuring shok-sorb padding that efficiently reduces the sting experienced during catching. Moreover, it possesses infinite web construction that allows the web to expand twice its size. These remarkable features make them suitable youth baseball gloves.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect for young players
  • Durable and functional
  • Requires breaking-in
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7- EASTON TOURNAMENT ELITE Baseball Glove Series

Key Features

  • It is about 11.5 inches in size.
  • This glove is made out of leather and features a single post web.
  • It features a soft microfiber wrist lining.
  • It is embossed with snakeskin leather accents.

easton tournament elite baseball glove series

If you want the perfect kids’ baseball mitts, the Easton tournament elite baseball glove series is a considerable choice with its superior functionality and build. This glove features an oil-tanned cowhide leather shell that is game-ready and has a transitional size pattern. Moreover, the inside of the glove is lined with a soft and smooth cowhide palm lining that ensures comfort and grip. The professional-grade rawhide lace also adds to the durability of these catcher gloves for youth. Being durable and high-performance, these gloves are an excellent choice for beginners.

Apart from the ideally durable build, this glove series possesses certain other enhanced features as well. These gloves have traditional size patterns designed explicitly for 14U players and a pro-style open back. Moreover, they feature a customizable fit that ensures a comfortable feel throughout the whole game or practice and makes it perfect for beginners or youth. On top of it, these gloves come with extended finger gussets that promise a more secure fit. The snakeskin-embossed leather accents give these gloves a more classy and attractive appearance. One of the distinct features of this product that set it apart from other gloves is its re-positioned pinkie loop that enables the player to insert two fingers in the pinkie stall.

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Provides a secure fit and more leverage
  • Features customizable fit

  • Requires to be broken-in
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8- Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

Key Features

  • The size of this glove series is around 12-inches.
  • This glove is made out of leather.
  • It features a single split post web.
  • It provides a stable pocket and a flat finger binding.

8 wilson a2k baseball glove series

While going through the best youth baseball gloves reviews, this Wilson A2K baseball glove series cannot be missed out on at any cost. With its high-quality construction and enhanced performance features, this baseball or tee-ball glove is excellent for youth as well as adults. It is made out of lightweight black super skin and black and saddle tan pro select stock leather, making this glove flawless. Moreover, the bold red logos featured on these glove series add to the visual appearance, making them aggressive and attractive.

Among many of the prominent features possessed by this glove series, double palm construction is one of the most efficient ones. It is one of the best ones among Wilson youth gloves. This construction provides the glove with a more stable pocket, enabling it to hold its shape for a more extended period. This enhanced lifespan is relatively greater than most of the gloves available in this price range. Along with being one of the best baseball gloves for 11-year-old boys, it is ideal for adults. It’s efficient shaping also explicitly decreases the break-in time of the glove.

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Less breaking-in time
  • Bold design
  • Misleading product description
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9- Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove Series

Key Features

  • It is around 12-inches in size.
  • It features a conventional back and a cushioned finger back lining.
  • These gloves come with 90% break-in from the factory.
  • This glove also features a pro H web.

rawlings select pro lite youth baseball glove series

This Rawlings select pro lite youth baseball glove series is specifically designed for the outfielders offering a great product that enables the young players to learn the basics of defense. This youth outfield glove is very lightweight, making it easy to carry and maintain and reliable. So, it provides excellent assistance to the young players as they continue to put their passion into learning this joyful game. Therefore, if your kid ranges from six to twelve years, this glove might prove an excellent decision in both performance and durability.

This glove is made out of the textured vinyl design ideal for the enhanced quickness and optimal balance. Moreover, it also features a soft all-leather shell construction and palm lining that makes it the most comfortable that it can ever be and reduces the risk of shock. Thereby, all these factors make this glove a safe and secure option for young and learning athletes.

  • Reliable and durable
  • Optimum performance with shock reduction technology
  • Ideal for outfielders
  • A little breaking-in required
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10- Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves & Ball Combo

Key Features

  • It is around 9.5-inches in size.
  • This glove is made out of synthetic leather.
  • It features a mesh lining.
  • It is available in two colors; black and tan.

franklin sports rtp teeball performance gloves & ball combo

While browsing through the best youth baseball gloves 2021, you will surely come across this one as it is popular due to its high performance and excellent quality. These baseball gloves are lightweight PVC material to provide the young players utmost comfort and reliability. They are constructed with soft materials to ensure that the young athletes do not have to spend a lot of time breaking in the gloves; these baseballs are also convenient to use.

Franklin sports RTP teeball performance gloves possess many commendable features that make them unique and viable. The lightweight construction of these gloves makes it easier to carry them around while playing outdoors and functions significantly during indoor practices. Moreover, this glove comes with a soft foam ball that is excellent for training, especially for young learners. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best options that you will have in the market.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Soft foam ball included
  • Not stiff at all
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Buying Guide for Choosing a Baseball for Youth 9-10 years old 

Shopping for youth baseball gloves for your child doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It’s really not a tough thing to do as long as you have an idea of what to look for. Some parents don’t take the time to get the proper glove, because they don’t realize that there are a few things to look for when choosing the right glove for your child.

Don’t buy your glove before your child starts to play. You really should see if you can wait till after a few practices to see which position your child will play. There are different youth baseball gloves for different positions. There are gloves that are specifically for catchers, first baseman, infielders, and outfielders. If your child plays various positions, you will be better off using an outfielder’s glove for your child.

If your child is under the age of eight, you will want to choose a glove that is between 9 inches and 11 inches. You don’t to get the glove too big. Some parents may feel that they will save the money and get a glove that can fit them for a few years. Unfortunately, your child will have a tougher time closing the glove when needed. This will hinder your child, and you should really buy the right glove now, and not something they can grow into. If your child is over the age of 8, but in between 8 and early teens you will want to buy the 11-inch baseball glove.

Keep the following factors in your mind before and even while buying the gloves for your 9-10 year old one.

Type of Throw 

The very first thing you have to do is notice which hand your kid uses mostly while playing. As we all know that some kids are right-hand throwers, and others are left-hand throwers. If your kid is a right-hand thrower, you have to buy a glove for his left hand because such players mostly use their right hand and throw the ball with their right hand. On the other hand, a left-hand thrower needs a glove for his right hand as he throws a ball with utmost zeal.

Glove’s Fitting 

Finding a glove for your kid that fits him correctly is an extremely important task. After all, it is an extension of his hand while on the diamond. Manufacturers of the gloves companies have noticed the importance of fitting a glove for a player, and they have already started making adjustments to create gloves for all hand sizes. As your kid is only 9-10 years old, he may fit a smaller and younger hand glove than a youth glove. Such gloves have shorter finger stalls with tighter wrist openings, and sometimes they also have shorter break-in periods.

Wrist Adjustments 

Some of the baseballs may come with the perfect wrist adjustments in the market, while others do not have such adjustments for wrists. For the perfect fitting of the glove in your kid’s hand, wrist adjustment is mandatory as it keeps the glove snug in your kid’s hand. Along with it, wrist adjustment is considered an adjustable leather strap that allows the player to pull on the lacing and make the glove tighter. You can freely choose any wrist adjustments for your kid that may include a D ring fastener, velcro, and a buckle system.

Glove’s Quality 

Unlike other playing things, gloves and especially baseball glove’s quality can easily be determined. When you are willing to invest a huge amount in a glove, you will certainly get a better, durable, and consistent glove for your young one. It may seem that lower-end gloves have a shorter time to break them in; therefore, they will be more game-ready. Meanwhile, these lower-ends gloves last for fewer seasons over the long haul. On the other hand, a higher-end glove may easily last for multiple seasons. But these gloves may require a more intense break-in period.

Glove’s Material 

You may find different materials for baseball when you are in the market for buying them. These materials may include leather, synthetic, treated, and mesh leather. Whenever you buy a baseball glove for a kid, we suggest you select leather ones because of their high-end durability and comfort.

There are three different types of materials that baseball gloves are made of. People will often choose the material based on their budget. Some mitts are made out of real leather. This is a great material because it is the most comfortable, and the most durable. Treated leather is another option. Treated leather is great because it’s really soft and easier to break it in. The last material that a glove could be made out of is synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is lighter and less money than the other materials so they are most often the best option for younger players.

Get the Right Size 

As many types of gloves are available in the market, it is hard to find the right size for your kid. With the availability of even more sizes, getting perfect is a tricky task. But here we give you the main factor by which you can easily determine the correct glove size. This main factor is to look at the age of your kid. As your kid is 9-10 years old, he will probably not have a primary position. So you may look at something in the range between 9 to 11 inches in size. It will allow your kid to develop more confidence and courage as it is easier to handle. It also allows them to play all the positions comfortably.


It is also one of the important factors you have to consider before buying the baseball glove. Usually, the padding amount of a glove depends on the position of the player. But in the view of the catcher’s mitt, there is a need for more padding in order to protect the hands of your kid at the pitchers’ throw. Aside from these, some positions while playing also required additional wrist padding for the in-fielding corners. In addition, first and third-base throws require the padding of gloves.

Child’s Personal Preference

The last part of choosing the best glove for your child is based on their personal preference. Have your child try on all the different gloves, and make sure they find the one that has the best feel. It’s all personal preference if they like the youth baseball gloves that are deeper, shallow or even the way the wrist adjustment is. It’s very important that your child figure out which style they like. Depending on the style will decide how comfortable their glove is.

Once you find the perfect glove for your child you will want to break it in properly. If your child’s glove isn’t properly broken in, it won’t work at its best. It’s important to make sure your child not only has the proper fitting baseball glove but that it’s also as easy to use as possible. Breaking it in properly will assure your child to feel more at ease. Now that you know how to find the best youth baseball gloves, you can help your child play the best he can.

Q: What is the best youth baseball glove?

Various baseball gloves can be found in the market that are highly functional, reliable, and durable. Some of the best youth baseball gloves include:

1- Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove

2- Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series

3- Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web/Shok-Sorb Combo Series Fielding Glove

Q: What are the best Youth Baseball gloves for Batting?

Even when you are a young player, adding a pair of batting gloves to your inventory can seriously increase your game. There are several youth gloves that are available to you for under 20 dollars, with shipping this is not a bad deal at all.

Some of the brands that come to mind when you think of this are Reebok, Franklin, Mizuno, Easton, and Rawlings.

Easton Typhoon Youth batting gloves

During the first week that this pair of gloves we released they were sold out, this was anticipated as some stores were letting people pre-order their gloves so they were ready for them before they even came out. They are pre-curved that have a curvature that matches the natural one of your hand, to make a very comfortable fit.

Louisville TPX Freestyle 1.0 Youth Batting Gloves

Now, this pair of gloves right here is a little more costly, with shipping you are looking at spending around 40 to 45 dollars on this pair. This is a cutting edge brand new design that is used by some major league baseball players, and players in the college programs. Some of the features of this glove is an innovative cuff design that gives you a better range of motion. The ultra-lightweight material that was used in this glove also is a pro, as it gives the glove a second skin feel to it.

Rawlings Workhorse Youth Batting Gloves

This pair of gloves has two ratings on the website I saw them listed on, and both of them were for 5 stars, and sounded like they were from very enthusiastic owners who were very happy with the product.

Does Easton make good baseball gloves?

Yes, Easton makes highly durable, comfortable, and classy baseball gloves. Easton baseball gloves have a leather-made palm liner area to give the outclass shock-absorbing feature. Moreover, these gloves are soft and professionally graded to use for a long time.

What is the easiest baseball glove to break in?

The best baseball glove to break in is made up of top-grain leather. Such baseball gloves are considered durable ones. By the penetration of oil in the back of the glove, it will start breaking in.


With the wide variety available in the market, you might come across various top-rate youth baseball gloves, yet you might not know which one is the best. Therefore, for your convenience, we have listed some of the best youth baseball gloves in the market that are excellent for young athletes. The products mentioned above are not only comfortable and reliable but will also last a long time as your child can continue to practice till they have learned their game.

This product list contains affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you use one of these links to make a purchase.