Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Review

The Brand Rawlings is one of the top-rated brands in the industry and Hearts of the Hide is one of the best gloves of the whole series. Two main features which let the Heart of the hide standing out from the competition are price and the innovation of the heart of the hide. The cost is about half of the most professional quality mitts of this quality. If you know any friend of yours who owns the “Heart of the Hide” then you must hear about the comfort offering by this glove.

Specificationsrawlings baseball gloves

  • Glove Type Baseball
  • Position Outfield
  • Size 12, 11.75, 11.5
  • Sub Type Fielders
  • Vendor Rawlings
  • Web Type Six Finger design, I Web or Modified H Web

And if you turn your passion into a fixed mixture of comfort with fun, safety, and performance, then this glove is the real winner at your side. Undoubtedly, each and every tool of the game has its own importance, but the glove are very crucial. They must be selected according to your hand because if it fits in your hand you will perform high.

You must consider it while purchasing the glove for your game. The pro heart of the hide is available in multiple sizes. You can grab either 12 inches, 11.75 inches or 11.5 inches.

rawlings baseball gloves Size Guide

The glove has Rawlings Trapeze Web which is a design of 6 fingers. The glove has a deep and large size pockets which makes it perfect for the outfields to scoop and catch the high and grounder balls. The palm, shell, and web of the glove are constructed of the steerhide leather of Classic Heart of the hide which is specially tanned before the glove is constructed.

Among all of these features, the glove is quite reliable, long lasting and affordable. It required less time to break-in. In order to help the break-in, it comprises of HOH Dual Core line features. The design retains the shape of the glove game over the game. Grab the glove now and start making your mark on the baseball field.


  • The glove is amazing for the outfielders in the field.
  • Conventional open back.
  • The glove is made up steerhide leather of Classic Heart of the Hide.
  • Trapeze web with the 6 finger design.
  • Available pattern sizes are 12, 11.75 and 11.5. You can grab the best one for you.
  • Professionally tanned leather.
  • HOH Dual Core line features to assist the break-in.
  • Easy to break-in.
  • Highly reliable, durable, and affordable.
  • Best design for the outfielders.
  • Professional I Web. The Web can be modified.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide review

Rawlings Heart of the Hide is one of the leading series in the line of baseball gloves. But before buying you must consider the factors which suited to your players like size, age, position, and pattern. In this way, you will get the best glove which won’t compromise on your and its performance for the game over the game. Grab the Rawlings Heart of the hide and rely on the best glove for years.

  • High reliable and durable.
  • Professional I and modified H Web.
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit better in your hand.
  • Game ready
  • None

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