Best Baseball Glove Brands In The World

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Chances are if you are buying your first baseball glove for yourself or your child, you may be more than a little overwhelmed. You are probably wondering where you should shop, how much you should pay and what are best baseball glove brand for your needs. There are several yet popular baseball glove companies readily available, but beginners usually fair well with a Rawlings glove. A Rawlings glove will give you what you need to get started. However, in this article, we will reveal top 05 best brand of baseball glove that’s value for money.

So if you’re the one who is looking for what is the best baseball glove brand in the market, then keep reading this article, as it will be much interesting for baseball glove buyers – Let’s get started:

05 Best Baseball Glove Brands Are:

There are a ton of baseball mitt brand out there that’s varied in size, style, and quality. When choosing baseball gloves, it’s recommended to check baseball glove brand list and read baseball glove reviews, which makes it easier for you to purchase. For those of you who are confused about the best brand of glove for youth baseball, then below are top 05 best baseball glove brand listed – Let’s have a look:

1. Wilson Baseball Gloves

  • How Wilson Baseball Company Started?

Any baseball game in the United States, whether the little leagues or the major leagues, you are sure to find at least one or two Wilson baseball gloves. With a company whose name is always associated with excellent sports equipment, Wilson gloves have come a long way from its humble beginnings to best baseball glove brand manufacturer in the market, and have successfully become one of America’s icons.

The Ashland Manufacturing Company was put up in 1913 with the goal of finding a way to create profitable goods out of the by-products of slaughtered meat. In its first two years, it produced violin strings, surgical sutures, baseball shoes, and tennis racket strings. In 1915, Thomas E. Wilson became president of the company, and by the following year, he had broken away from Ashland Manufacturing’s parent company and named the corporation after himself, this starting Wilson Sporting Goods.

  • Why Wilson is a Best Baseball Glove Brand?

Initially, the company focused on athletic apparel, while still producing some sporting equipment. Eventually, however, the focused more on sporting equipment, putting their endeavors into product excellence for specific sports. Wilson produced its first iconic baseball mitt in 1922. It was the Ray Schalk catcher’s mitt.

It was so well designed that it sets the standard for all future baseball catchers gloves in terms of comfort, padding, and design. Current catcher’s mitts owe most of their basic characteristics to this first mitt.

During the first and the second world war, the company’s production facilities were used to make war items such as duffel bags and helmets for the soldiers, as well as tents for the troops. Because they had to put their efforts of producing sporting goods for professional players on hold, the company decided that while it was creating war materials, they would also promote time to foster sports participation among America’s youth. In many ways, they played a key role in how and why sports are such a big deal in America today.

When the war ended, the company went back to business till it was sold in 1964 Wonder Products which used the production lines to create toys. This was short lived, however, and they once again began producing sports equipment, this time focusing on protective equipment, such as the helmets and leg guards worn by baseball catchers.

After some expansion, the company released one of the most famous Wilson baseball gloves in 1993, the Conform glove, which helped players customize the contours of the glove to their hands. This helped players tremendously, and since then Wilson baseball gloves have gained a significant amount of respect in the world of baseball, cementing itself as an America’s best baseball glove brands in the market.

  • Wilson Best Baseball Glove product

best baseball glove brands wilson

A2000 Baseball Gloves – here are the merely maximum famous of all the Wilson gloves. Wilson A2000 sequences are made of the hand selected harsh steer hide. It originates with the outfield utility and numerous infield sizes.

Accessible in both left given and right given thro models. This influential line up of excellence gloves are finest to wear throughout the game and need set the normal of some of well-known Main Professional Baseball Association.

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2. Mizuno Baseball Gloves

  • How Mizuno Baseball Company Started?

Next to the United States, Japan is one of the biggest baseball playing countries in the world. Like their American counterparts, Japanese children are taught to play baseball at a young age, and many of the plays on throughout college. Some of them join the Japanese league, and a few are such amazing players that they are imported by American teams to play in the major leagues.

Because the Japanese always strive for excellence in everything they do, they have become some of the best ball players in the world. They have also produced some of the best sports equipment in the world, including Mizuno baseball gloves, which is the 2nd most popular yet best baseball glove brands in the market.

Founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan by Rihachi Mizuno, the Mizuno Company has been making sporting equipment for over 100 years, focusing on baseball, volleyball, track and field, and golf.

They have also been an Olympic supporter since 1924, providing excellent Olympic equipment and sports apparel and footwear to hundreds of athletes while also being the official sponsor of the USA Volleyball Team.

In 1994, Mizuno USA, established a baseball glove manufacturing facility in the United States. Soon after, their products were ranked to be some of the best baseball gloves on the market; some say the #1 glove in the world. The fact that over 200 professional league players use Mizuno is a testament to that.

  • Why Mizuno is the Best Baseball Glove Brand?

Based on their brief history alone, one can already tell that Mizuno is a company that has achieved excellence when it comes to creating sports equipment. Their baseball gloves and mitts are top of the line because of the quality of the workmanship that goes into each one, but also because of the science and technology they put into their gloves.

The Mizuno Company is dedicated to putting science behind each of their designs. The first few baseball gloves ever created and produced were simply made to fit the hand of a player.

When Mizuno began creating their gloves, they considered how the hand moves and works, what they call the “dynamic” of the hand. They aimed to create baseball gloves which would enhance athletic performance by creating a glove that felt natural on the hand that would help the hand. So they began collecting scientific data by studying players, studying how the game is played, how balls are caught in various settings and for various positions, and what the glove needs to be able to do in order to make game playing easier.

Based on their scientific research, the company makes “position specific gloves” which are designed to be used by the various positions found on a baseball field.

With the latest bio-mechanical science and their 4D Advanced Technology, Mizuno baseball gloves are really among the absolute best baseball glove brands in the world. Not only are they tailored to help athletes perform  better, but their standards for glove making are absolutely excellent, manufacturing gloves that will last a long time; a testament to Japanese excellence and pure love for the game.

  • Mizuno Coolest Best Baseball Glove Product

best baseball glove brands mizuno

The Mizuno Samurai Pro is fully made up of grain oiled leather, these gloves are soft enough to touch and very easy to break-in. Making a glove soft that doesn’t mean that they sacrifices durability or the protection of the hand. They implemented the patent pending thumb protection technology. These gloves easy to close and while closing they still provide ultra-protection on the inside of your hand.

This Samurai Pro 34 inch glove has a Para Shock Palm pad which absorbs the stings. These Para Shock offers less rebound, more protection and comfort feeling for the catchers. Like other gloves this glove also has a conventional back open and two piece closed web. This web and back gives the firm, scoop and control over ball behind the plate. Samurai Pro 34 inch is professional sized catcher mitt which is highly preferable for seniors and serious players.

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3. Nokona Baseball Gloves

  • How a Nokona Baseball Glove Company Started?

Founded in 1933, the Nocona Athletic Goods Company has been making baseball gloves for close to a hundred years. Knowing how important having a good glove is, the Texas based company makes it a point that all Nokona gloves are outstanding, and are the type of glove a professional baseball player would be proud to own.

Of the many different glove making companies around, few have the history Nokona can boast of. Throughout the many years of making equipment, the one thing that has kept the company and its employees faithful is that great American tradition and past time, baseball. Nokona is one of the few companies these days that have had employees working for them for half a century.

Their love for the sport, and their passion to provide excellent equipment while promoting a cultural heritage is one of the main reasons why many employees stay with the company. It is one of the few companies that has not yet outsourced the making of its products.

  • Why Nokona is the Best Baseball Glove Brand?

All Nokona gloves are made in the USA. They make all types of gloves, providing choices and variety to their many customers. Often made out of leather, cow skins go through either vegetable tanning or chrome tanning.

Next, a protective coat is added to the leather; this makes the glove shiny. Finally, the baseball glove laces are added, and the baseball glove, which starts out the wrong way around, is pushed inwards to create the shape we are all familiar with. (Apart from cow leather, the company also uses kangaroo and buffalo leather.)

Though the process Nokona uses is pretty standard, it is the quality of their leather and the precision of their stitching that makes their gloves masterpieces. Many great baseball legends have used Nokonas, making the gloves a big part of baseball history. World Series have been won with Nokona and the historical wins and losses of many teams have had Nokona equipment involved. Being part and parcel of baseball itself has made these gloves legends all on their own.

When you have a company that has been devoted to excellent glove making since the second world war, you know that every time you pick up Nokona gloves, you are assured that hard work, American craftsmanship, and tradition are well preserved, making it 3rd most popular yet best baseball glove brands in the market.

  • Nokona High-Quality Baseball Glove Product

best baseball glove brands nokona

The Nokona is one of the legendary baseball glove company and built is own reputation from the Walnut series. This Nokona Classic Walnut baseball gloves series is build up from the premium tanned cowhide leather.

The leather is pre-oiled and comprises of unique finish of pebble grain. It is soft and durable, made of premium grained leather, which is highly used to make the baseball gloves of the today’s players because it offers supple, break-in, and comfort feels which players enjoyed.

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4. Easton Baseball Gloves

  • How an Easton Baseball Glove Company Started?

There are a wide array of sporting goods brands on the market today, each of which claiming better than or perhaps more technologically advanced than the next. It can make it very difficult to find the best glove for your skill, league, position, and budget. And that doesn’t even take into consideration such issues as fit and quality, which can make or break your game each and every time you play. Some of the most well-known baseball gloves on the market today are those that are made by Easton baseball gloves.

In fact, Easton may be the most well know manufacturer of best baseball glove brands in the world today, with their products being constantly used by more than 50 MLB players.

One of the biggest selling points of Easton baseball gloves is their overall variety. The fact of the matter is that Easton’s gloves are available in a staggering 13 different series’, which add up into over 40 different glove styles. Easton gloves are available for infielders, outfielders, catchers and youth players.

In addition to a wide variety of glove styles, Easton baseball gloves also vary quite widely in price. In fact, these quality gloves are available starting as low as $30 (or even less) for youth styles. Their prices climb all the way up to over $200 for their highest end gloves, which generally belong to their Premier Select Series. These are generally the Easton gloves that are used by the pros.

  • Why Easton is the Best Baseball Glove Brand?

Easton has been around for over 80 years, and during its long history has consistently demonstrated itself to be among the top manufacturers in the world of sporting goods. The company generally focuses on baseball and softball equipment, from gloves to bats and other accessories. Interestingly enough, Easton developed the very first aluminum baseball bat, back in 1969, and from then on has consistently maintained their image as one of the top sporting good developers in the world.

In 2006 Easton merged with Bell Sports and Riddell Sports Group to establish itself as global leader in sports equipment and accessories.

Easton baseball gloves are available in virtually any sporting goods retailer; in addition, you can find Easton baseball gloves at thousands of online retailers and auction sites. In addition, many Easton products can be found at big box retail chains as well as in department stores that have sporting goods departments.

  • Easton Best Baseball Glove Product

best baseball mitt brands

With over 30 years of experience in the field of glove making, Easton has stood out the test of time in delivering high performance and long lasting gloves for years.

The Easton Blackstone Baseball glove is lightweight and fits nicely in your hand. With a unique Ideal Fit system yet to be patented, provides a great fit and comfort for any type of hands, thanks to its supple leather palm lining. Moreover, the glove comes in two variations, giving everyone the freedom to choose either for left or right hand.

Blackstone Brand mark is printed on the palm side of the glove, adding more glamour to the glove. Along with the VRS Palm pad, the gloves remain cool always, as all the moisture is absorbed quickly by the pal pad.

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5. Rawling Baseball Gloves

  • How Rawlings Baseball Glove Company Started?

Baseball is and American tradition and a sport played around the world, and as any player (amateur or professional) can tell you, the equipment you use can make or break your (and your team’s) game. While there are countless names in baseball equipment, very few (if any) are as recognizable as Rawling.

As with virtually any other type of sports equipment, variations in price are often tied closely to quality and advanced engineering. The same is true of Rawling baseball gloves, which are used by a plethora of major and minor league professional players the world over. In fact, Roger Clemens (one of the most famous names in baseball) officially endorses the Rawling series of gloves.

  • Why Rawlings is the Best Baseball Glove Brand in the World?

According to every source I was able to find, their greatness comes from the technology that goes into their design and construction. More specifically, the latest and greatest technology that is being used on Rawling’s line is being referred to as bionic technology, which applies to the line’s first base and catcher’s mitts.

Part of the bionic technology, according to the company, allows the mitts to open and close faster and with less effort than ever, meaning that the players in these critical positions can do their stuff almost as fast as their reflexes will let them. In addition, the mitts have better padding than ever before, which minimizes discomfort.

Rawling baseball gloves are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. In addition, you can generally find an appropriate glove regardless of whether you play infield, outfield or catcher. This means that virtually anyone with the budget can own some of the best in baseball glove technology, regardless of the position they play.

  • Rawlings Best Baseball Glove in the World

best baseball glove brand in the world

Rawlings Player Preferred Youth Baseball Glove is a basketball style glove, which is available for both right and left-handers. These gloves were designed for adults. Since it has been made using full-grain oiled leather and adorned with rawhide laces, the gloves are soft which makes it very easy to break in.

These Rawlings gloves are most preferred by Outfielders and Pitchers, as opening and closing the glove is easy, because the glove features deep pockets and basketball style webbings.

The exclusive Zero Shock Palm Pad absorbs all the shock when catches a hard hit. The Velcro wrist adjustments provide for easy adjustments in no time. All in all, this is the best baseball glove in the world.

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FAQ’s of Best Baseball Glove Brand

What is the Best Baseball Glove Brand?

Rawlings is the best baseball glove brand among all with a wide range of baseball and softball glove collection. Rawlings gloves are manufactured for the beginner as well as the advanced ball player and everything in-between. They can be found for as little as $15 and as much as $400. Your budget should be based on what you can comfortably afford, but also on how long you plan to use the glove.

What brand glove does most MLB Player use?

Rawlings baseball gloves are the most popular among MLB players. However, this 132 year old baseball glove brand has dropped 5% since 2018, still, it’s comfortably the top-choice among MLB players.

Which baseball glove brand is better among Wilson or Rawlings?

Both Wilson & Rawlings ranks in the top 05 best baseball glove brand list, though Rawlings has an edge over Wilson Baseball Gloves because of its wide range of collection and 132 years of industry experience.

How much does a good baseball glove cost?

Baseball gloves vary in price depending on which brand you buy.  You can get a cheap baseball glove for as little as $20.  But do not count on this baseball glove to last you very long because the quality is probably very poor.  For a quality baseball glove that will last you quite a while, you should choose a glove made by one of the top 8 brands listed above. These baseball gloves range in price from $69.99 to $399.99. 

How much do you spend on a baseball glove for your son?

If the glove is for your son or daughter and they are just getting started playing baseball, you probably want to start with a low end glove. Chances are if they continue to play for more than one season, they are going to outgrow it by the next year. It’s far better to buy a glove that fits now and pay less for it than to buy a glove that is too large and pay more. Sure, they will grow into it, but having a properly fit glove is important to the success and enjoyment of the sport. That being said, a $15 Rawlings glove will get your child off to a good start.

Best Baseball Glove for Your Daughter?

If you have a young girl who is taking up baseball, a Rawling baseball glove can also be found in pink. Your daughter will be thrilled to have a glove that not only works well, but suits her sense of style as well! And, you will be thrilled that it doesn’t cost a fortune. This glove one is only $12 but still has the basket web design for easy catching.


However, the list of top best baseball glove brands will go on with time to time. So, if you’re keenly interested to keep yourself updated then bookmark this website and keep checking for the latest baseball gloves information.

This product list contains affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you use one of these links to make a purchase.