Different Types of Baseball Gloves (Position Wise)

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Chances are if you are buying your first baseball glove for yourself or your child, you may be more than a little overwhelmed. You are probably wondering where you should shop, how much you should pay, wondering what are the different types of baseball gloves, and what brand is the best for your needs.

In this article, we will reveal different types of baseball gloves, helping you in choosing the best baseball glove for you or anyone you loved the most. Let’s get started:

All Different Types of Baseball Gloves

Choosing a baseball glove is hard for a beginner. With so many types of baseball gloves, choosing the perfect one can be a difficult task. Knowing the different types of baseball gloves, price ranges, position, and it’s used for, will greatly help you in your search for a glove.

different types of baseball gloves

Before deep-diving into the factors, describing 03 important factors of how to choose a baseball glove – First, you need to understand different types of baseball gloves, which are as follows:

Types of Baseball Gloves by Position

First Base Gloves

1st baseman glove size

First base gloves are hinged well for easy snatches, sometimes reaching extraordinary heights to grab an errant throw. These gloves are also padded well, like a catchers mitt and are generally 12 inches to 13 inches in size. These gloves, like catchers gloves, are not used in any other position because of the design and waffle like hinge.

Infield Gloves

infield baseball glove

An infielder’s glove is in a class by itself. For an infield player, time is everything and how quick they can get the ball out of their glove, making the throw easier. A smaller glove, anywhere from 9.5 inches to 11.75 inches is what a shortstop, second or third baseman will choose.

Outfield Gloves

outfield baseball glove

Most outfield baseball gloves run 12.5 inches to the 13 inch model. This circumference is important because outfielders are often reaching and many time diving for line drives. Consider that you may be running quite a distance to reach a long fly ball approaching the wall. Every inch will matter, from the initial jump you get on the ball, to the final leap, sometimes against objects like a fence or wall.

Catcher Mitts

gb (3) min

A catchers glove, commonly called a mitt, is heavily padded, as many as 5 layers of leather go in the heel as opposed with 2 layers in most other gloves.

Types of Baseball Gloves Web Types

Close Web Design Gloves

close web design baseball glove

Closed Web design gloves are preferred by pitchers. Hitting the ball is paramount for the number 1 slot on the scorecard. Some middle fielders also use a closed web glove as they are known for the ability for quick pick up and shallow pockets. They are traditionally shorter than an outfield glove, again providing the fielder with the ability to retrieve the ball as quickly as possible after fielding.

Open Web Design Gloves

open web design baseball glove

Open Web design gloves web is an outfielder and third baseman choice. Longer than infield gloves, this design provides an extra inch when diving across the third base line or across the outfield lawn.

How to Choose Baseball Gloves

There are a ton of baseball gloves out there.  Baseball gloves are as varied in size and style as much as people vary from person to person, which is already discussed above.

Baseball gloves come in different sizes, shapes, styles and are made for different positions. The most important thing to consider when choosing a glove is the way it feels. Make sure the fit and comfort level is good. This will make all the difference to how well it works for you when you are playing. A properly fitting and feeling glove can actually improve your child’s game and confidence level when playing.

gb (6) min

When choosing a baseball glove, it is hard to know which one to choose.  For those who are confused about the different types of baseball gloves and lost in deciding which baseball gloves to choose, here is some help.

There are 3 factors that determine which baseball gloves are suited for which people.

Consider a Position to Play

    The first factor is the position you play.  Baseball gloves are designed differently based on the different baseball positions that are played.

    You need to choose baseball gloves that are made for the position you play during a baseball game.  There are:  catcher baseball gloves, infielder baseball gloves, outfielder baseball gloves, first baseman baseball gloves, and pitcher baseball gloves.

    Consider a Youth Baseball Glove Size

    The next factor is the youth baseball glove size.  Often your age helps determine this.  Children and teenagers usually need smaller baseball gloves. This is because their hands tend to be smaller.

    Adults usually need larger baseball gloves. Baseball gloves measure from your wrist to the ends of your fingers.  Children’s gloves range between sizes 8 to 12.

    Adult baseball gloves range between sizes 12 and 13.

    Consider The Price Range

    The last factor to determine which baseball gloves you should choose is the price.  Many people are unaware of how expensive baseball gloves can be.

    Professional baseball gloves that are custom fitted to your hand can cost in excess of several hundred dollars.  There are cheap baseball gloves available for as low as $15 or $20 (Click here).

    If you are going to be using your baseball glove a lot, it is suggested that you buy a quality brand.  A descent quality baseball glove can be purchased for $60 to $100, one such popular brand is Wilson.

    different types of baseball gloves

    These higher quality baseball gloves do tend to last longer than the cheaper ones.  If you are buying baseball gloves for children, you should buy a cheaper brand.  This is because children tend to outgrow their baseball gloves quickly.

    BONUS TIP # There is a final thing you should always consider when selecting baseball gloves. Begin by trying on several different baseball gloves.  If the baseball glove is uncomfortable or if it doesn’t feel right, then do not purchase it. 

    Poorly fitting and uncomfortable baseball gloves can cause baseball players to perform poorly.

    Personal Opinion on Different Types of Baseball Gloves

    The typical price for a glove is $25 – $200. I would not recommend buying a baseball glove or mitt for a youth player for $200. When players are around 8, I recommend a $25 glove. When they reach the ages of 10-12 a more expensive one should be purchased depending on their skill level and competitiveness.

    Also, make sure your youth baseball player is interested in the game before you buy him a $200 one.

    FAQ’s as per Types of Baseball Gloves

    What makes a good first baseman’s glove?

    A first baseman’s glove is very similar to an infielder’s glove. They do tend to be slightly longer and will also typically feature a deeper pocket than an infielder’s glove.

    What makes a good third baseman’s glove?

    A third basemen’s glove is also based on an infielder’s glove. They also are typically longer than an infielder’s glove and also will feature more padding to protect against hard-hit balls.

    What makes a good pitcher’s glove?

    A pitcher’s glove is typically close in style to an infielder’s glove, but can really be any length. The only important facet of a pitcher’s glove is that it must have a completely closed webbing, in order to prevent the opposing players from seeing what pitch they are prepared to throw.

    How to Size a Catcher’s Glove?

    Catcher’s mitts are measured around the circumference of glove and range from 30.5 inches to 34 inches. Most youth players should purchase gloves between 30.5 and 32 inches. Any glove sized 32 inches or above is recommended for high school or adult players.

    A good youth catcher’s mitt should be easier to close, while a more professional catcher’s mitt will be built with better leather to obtain maximum durability. Choosing a glove closer to 34 inches will also give you extra reach to catch foul tips.


    These are all of the important factors you should consider when selecting among different types of baseball gloves.  If you remember to follow all of these factors, you should easily be able to pick out the right baseball glove for you.  It is an important decision for any aspiring baseball player.

    Be sure to choose your baseball gloves wisely.

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