Wilson Softball Gloves: Ultimate Guide

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Softball is a popular game in America played in as early as 1887 and has become an Olympic game where teams from around the world compete in. There might be some issues about discontinuing softball in the Olympics, but it’s still a game that is enjoyed locally with Wilson softball gloves.

When playing softball, you need a ball, a bat, protective gears, softball gloves. There has been one company that is widely known who make quality equipment for the game.

wilson softball gloves

The brand Wilson is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to sports gears. It has been officially worn by professional players from different gaming events such as softball, baseball, tennis, golf, and football. We have seen teams in the US which made Wilson their official sports gear provider. This is enough proof that Wilson softball glove is truly remarkable when it comes to quality.

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Wilson softball gloves come in different designs. There would always be a Wilson softball glove that will fit your budget. The company also welcomes new ideas and caters sports gears for women and girls alike. You can find Wilson sports gear branch almost at all leading business establishments and online, such as Amazon. You can browse online stores that sell Wilson softball gloves.

When buying Wilson softball gloves, you must consider some important factors. Keep in mind that your gloves should provide comfort and fits you well. This is not really an issue because you can try and choose from a wide variety of softball gloves Wilson offers. You should be able to move your fingers for grasping and it should not have any holes. Be sure that the glove you are buying has a cupped pocket for catching purposes. Always take your time in finding out the best gloves for you.

Always remember that for sports gear, particularly on softball gloves trust no one but Wilson.

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Keep in mind that your gloves should provide comfort and fits you well. This is not really an issue because you can try and choose from a wide variety of softball gloves Wilson offers.

Why Wilson Softball Gloves?

No matter your skill level when it comes to softball, you have to have the right equipment to play your best. This is particularly true when you are competing, no matter what level you are competing.

Fact is, using subpar equipment is one of the best ways to reduce your overall ability and accuracy, which can make you more likely to miss catches and drop your batting average. Among the single most important pieces of equipment for any softball player is glove, as the hands are the most delicate natural instrument that we have.

Wilson Softball Gloves for Fastpitch

The wrong gloves can easily make anyone slower and/or clumsy, which is definitely something that you want to avoid while playing softball. Among the most notable gloves in the world are Wilson softball gloves.

Wilson softball gloves are used by a huge number of professional and college softball players for a reason: they are among the best quality softball gloves in the world, and they are among the best on a consistent basis.

History of Wilson Softball Gloves

Wilson has been the premier name in sports equipment for a century, and they have virtually cornered the market when it comes to gear in a wide variety of sports, ranging from softball and baseball equipment to tennis, golf and American football. In fact, Wilson gloves are the official baseball glove of major league baseball in America, a fact that gives the brand clout above and beyond their competition.

wilson softball gloves

Wilson Softball Gloves Design & Variety

Wilson softball gloves are available in a wide array of designs and styles, and they range considerably in price as well. Whether you are a pro, and a beginner, or even a student player, you can be sure that Wilson makes a glove that will meet your playing needs as well as fit into your budget. In fact, Wilson makes a wide array of youth softball gloves, including some that are highly popular among women and young girls, such as the well-known Wilson-pink youth softball glove, which is coveted by little girls all over the country.

Where are Wilson Softball Gloves Available?

Luckily, Wilson softball gloves can be found virtually anywhere sporting goods are sold. That means whether you are shopping at a dedicated sporting goods store or a department store, chances are you can find a suitable Wilson glove. In addition to being sold in virtually any and every brick and mortar retailer, wholesaler, and outlet store imaginable, you can find Wilson softball gloves online and even buy them directly from Wilson’s site itself.

How to Buy the Best Wilson Softball Gloves

Softball gloves are one of the most important pieces of equipment for all softball players. Many manufactures make fast pitch softball gloves making it difficult to know exactly what to choose, however, some of the most popular makes are the Wilson softball gloves, Easton and Miken and prices vary considerably depending on the quality and brand name. There are different types of gloves such as catcher’s mitts, first base gloves and fielder’s gloves and each are different which enhances the performance of the players.

Pitchers use fielders gloves except for the first baseman and one need’s to look at the padding in the glove that is of the utmost importance as some gloves have thin padding and other have thick padding.

wilson softball gloves

One of the most popular choices is the Wilson softball gloves, which are designed for comfort and fit well. The webbing of the glove between the first finger and the thumb to see if it is either closed, single crossbar or open as the gloves need to be comfortable.

The catcher’s mitt is designed specifically to withstand the amount of play the mitt sees and one needs to make sure that the padding around the palm and the edges are sufficient. The glove should be made of good quality leather such as the Wilson softball gloves, which many league players wear due to the strength and durability of the leather.

The first base gloves are used for quick reach and grasp and should have a closed back design and the glove should have no holes or gaps. The gloves should have a cupped pocket, which is between the first finger and thumb making it easier when catching the ball. The Wilson selection is large and if you go online you can view the entire range as well as order online.

A2000 All-Time Favorite Wilson Softball Glove

A2000 Wilson Softball Glove

Wilson A2000 glove series is made of trademark Pro Stock leather for longer life and durability. Also the glove fingers are lined with Dri-Lex technology to keep the hands cooler all the time.

Wilson Pro Stock pattern gloves are used by most of the MLB players, as these gloves have been designed after various consultations and discussion from MLB players.

Also, these gloves are hand crafted by the finest glove technicians in Wilson, so that it lasts long for seasons. So next time you wear a Wilson A2000, remember most the aspects are suggested by some the greats in the game.

  • Made of High Quality Pro Stock Leather.
  • The Dual Welting feature where the back of the fingers are laced with a dual strip of leather for durability.
  • Exclusive designs and patterns.
  • With the unique Dri-Lex wrist lining, all the moisture is absorbed to keep the hand cool always.
  • Available in 27+ Color Patters.
  • Takes a while to break in.
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Selecting the best rated gloves may be an important decision for a player or a parent, as the glove plays a very important role in shaping up a player. Without any further ado, you may simply purchase Wilson Softball gloves.

This product list contains affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you use one of these links to make a purchase.

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